Löblich | Pfaff-RüdigerCommunication and Media Policy in the Era of the Internet

The contributions to this book approach communication and media policy in the era of the Internet from two perspectives: Theories and processes. Special attention is given, on the one hand, to the question of how communication policy-making is transformed due to technical evolution which is intertwined with social and economic developments. On the other hand, this book considers how these transformations can be studied and what insights are produced by distinct theoretical approaches.

Contributors are:
Maria Löblich, Senta Pfaff-Rüdiger, Michael Latzer, Sarah Anne Ganter, Johanna Jääsaari, Carles Llorens, Andreea M. Costache, Kari Karppinen, Hallvard Moe, Karen Donders, Hilde Van Den Bulck, Manuel Puppis, Matthias Künzler, Thomas Steinmaurer, Corinne Schweizer, Hannu Nieminen, Patrick Burkart, Jonas Andersson Schwarz, Katharine Sarikakis, Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat, Mathias Bug, Avshalom Ginosar


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