Schwarz-FrieselGebildeter Antisemitismus

The volume presents interdisciplinary research on the phenomenon of mainstream antisemitism in contemporary German society. Leading experts discuss modern manifestations of everyday’s Judeophobia and its historical engraving in Western culture, anti-Israeli slurs, aspects of middle East media coverage and hate speech on the Internet. The experience of the Holocaust did not bring the strategies of verbally dehumanizing and demonizing Jews to an end. Such strategies prevail and are frequently used in modern discourse even by highly educated people from mainstream society. Empirical evidence from corpus studies and recent polls regarding anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli attitudes and verbal manifestations is described, its consequences for the German society critically discussed.

Monika Schwarz Friesel, professor at the Technical University of Berlin, is an expert for verbal antisemitism and the author of “The language of hostility against Jews in the 21st century” (together with Jehuda Reinharz).

With contributions by:
Matthias J. Becker, Robert Beyer, Evyatar Friesel, Linda Giesel, Olaf Glöckner, Georg M. Hafner, Günther Jikeli, Martin Kloke, Matthias Küntzel, Lars Rensmann, Samuel Salzborn, Esther Schapira, Monika Schwarz-Friesel, Hagen Troschke und Andreas Zick.