Deutscher Verein für öffentliche und private Fürsorge e.V.Fachlexikon der Sozialen Arbeit

The ‘Fachlexikon’ is the definitive glossary of terms for the field of social work. The current eighth edition comprises around 1,500 clearly structured entries, some of which have been newly systematised, that have been specifically chosen to cater directly to the needs of scholars and practitioners of social work.

Over 650 specialists in the theory and practice of social work present the newest developments and discourses in the field of social work and its related disciplines and, therefore, meet this outstanding reference work’s demands for diversity.

This new edition

  • addresses the European refugee crisis through terms such as “Flüchtlings(sozial)arbeit” (working with refugees) or “the Dublin III Regulation”,
  • takes into account current changes in the law through terms such as “Integrationsgesetz“ (the law on integration) or “Bundesteilhabegesetz” (the law which guarantees disabled people greater participation in everyday life),
  • identifies new approaches to social work through terms such as “Soziales Unternehmertum” (social entrepreneurship), “Anerkennungskultur” (culture of recognition) or “Zeitpolitik” (the extent to which human existence is affected by the political, economic and local environmental conditions in which we live),
  • takes reading habits into consideration through a sophisticated system of around 800 cross references and an index. This work enables the readers to find any term quickly and recommends further reading for them to broaden their knowledge of any subject they desire.

Published by the German Association for Public and Private Welfare.