GuckelbergerDeutsches Verwaltungsprozessrecht unter unionsrechtlichem Anpassungsdruck

Time and again, administrative procedural law comes under pressure to conform with union law. This applies particularly to legal protection in environmental law, but more recently also to data protection law. Up until now, the focus was on the definition of a locus standi based on a subjective infringement (change from a claim of an injured party to one of an interested person, extension of class action), the question now is the introduction of new types of lawsuit or appeal.

The monograph examines in detail whether and to what extent central key elements of the German administrative procedural law can still be maintained or should be altered in the face of union legal protection requirements (e.g. “Schutznormtheorie”, legal protection against procedural errors, inquisitorial system, administrative court's standard of review, material statute of repose because of delayed fast and alternatives).