Non-Governmental Organisations in Palestine

Last Resort of Humanitarian Aid or Stooges of Foreign Interests?

Von Dr. Layla Bahmad

2008, 291 S., Broschiert,
ISBN 978-3-8329-3393-7

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Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) have gained more and more relevance in the development process in Near Eastern developing societies. The traditional civil society in the Middle East, which used to be in charge of tribes or large families, has been altered by new groups, which are organized around new social structures, interests and goals. NGOs have not only become important players in the social welfare sector, but also vehicles of particular values among the democratic concepts which are communicated and based within civil society. This is true for the Palestinian society where NGOs not only function as agents of democratic concepts but also fulfill a para-state role because of an absent Palestinian state. Based on this, a polarity between civil society and state is lacking which has been replaced by the Israeli occupying power and Palestinian NGOs.

The author provides detailed insights in the work and background of the NGOs in Palestine. Because those NGOs are based either on a democratic creed or an Islamic tradition, the competition between these NGOs for funding from the West contributes to the strengthening of fundamentalist reactions. Layla Bahmad concentrates on the system of aid which stems from the Islamic tradition.


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