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Eberhard / Lachmayer / Ribarov / Thallinger

Constitutional Limits to Security

Proceedings of the 4th Vienna Workshop on International Constitutional Law

Herausgegeben von Dr. Harald Eberhard, Dr. Konrad Lachmayer, Gregor Ribarov, Dr. Gerhard Thallinger

2009, 216 S., Broschiert,
ISBN 978-3-8329-4883-2
(In Gemeinschaft mit facultas)

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Ever since the terrorist attacks in New York, Madrid and London issues of security have constantly been on the agenda of states and transnational organizations alike. Whether on a national, European or international level, the question of how to weigh security from threats like political extremism and terrorism against the guarantee of fundamental rights and freedom of individuals has been the subject of heated debates. While on the one hand aimed at protecting a society, security measures on the other hand also tend to challenge its core constitutional values like democracy, fundamental rights and the rule of law.

The proceedings at hand combine ocntributions of various academics and practitioners in the field of security research. Apart from analysing the impact of security politics on recent developments of international, European and national constitutional law, the authors also provide ideas on how to limit security within today’s constitutional design.

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe Schriften zum Internationalen und Vergleichenden Öffentlichen Recht, Band 9.


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