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The Europeanisation of Governance

Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Gunnar Folke Schuppert

2006, 152 S., Broschiert,
ISBN 978-3-8329-1596-4

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Governance has become the most popular research topic within the last few years. This volume discusses the Europeanisation of political control in five contributions following different focal points. The first two contributions deal with the change of statehood in the context of "de-bordering", as well as the processes which lead to a "Europeanisation" of political control. The following three articles discuss the Eastern enlargement, taking into account the new political control forms.

The authors examine whether precise customization difficulties of the new member countries can be handled by other than hierarchical control forms, and analyse which role the European Commission grants these new control forms during the process of expansion. Additionally, the post-communist European countries are investigated with regard to their "maturity for Europe".

The chapters of this volume grew out of a workshop held by the Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB) and the Alfred Herrhausen Society for International Dialogue in May 2004 in Warsaw.

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe Schriften zur Governance-Forschung, Band 4.


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