Seidelmann / Vasilache

European Union and Asia

A Dialogue on Regionalism and Interregional Cooperation

Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Reimund Seidelmann, Dr. Andreas Vasilache

2008, 363 S., Broschiert,
ISBN 978-3-8329-3433-0

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This volume gives a state-of-the-art overview of concepts and perspectives of regionalism and interregional cooperation with a particular focus on interregional relations between Asia and Europe. By combining a theoretical and conceptual approach with a strong empirical insight and regional knowledge, scholars from Asia, the Asian-Pacific region and Europe explore the political, economic, security and cultural aspects of regionalization processes and interregional cooperation.

The discussion of both chances and possible traps in regionalization processes and in interregional cooperation in Asia and Europe shows that interregionalism can provide a basis for good governance in a globalized world. This publication is the fourth volume of the book series from the research and cooperation project EU-Network of European Studies Centres in Asia (NESCA): A Research Dialogue, funded within the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission. Prof. Dr. Reimund Seidelmann is professor for International Relations and Foreign Policy Studies at Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, Germany and at Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. He is Coordinator of EU-NESCA.

Dr. Andreas Vasilache is research assistant and lecturer in International Relations and Political Theory at Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, Germany. He is Executive Director of EU-NESCA.

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe Transformation, Development, and Regionalization in Greater Asia, Band 3.


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