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Plato's Method of Hypothesis in the Middle Dialogues

Von Samuel Scolnicov, Edited, revised and with an introduction by Prof. em. Dr. Harold Tarrant

Academia,  2018, 256 Seiten, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-89665-783-1

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The present volume is the PhD thesis of Samuel Scolnicov, co-founder of the International Plato Society, published posthumously to illustrate the foundation of his interest in the 'core Plato'. The issues raised in this thesis are now of wider interest than they were then and many of his theses have found wider acceptance.

The book is edited by Harold Tarrant, long-time colleague and friend of Samuel Scolnicov and preceded by a foreword not only by the editor, but also the authorís niece, Hanna Scolnicov, giving a more personal and detailed introduction to the author behind the thesis and putting his achievements into a broader perspective.

»This volume, a lightly-edited version of Professor Samuel Scolnicov´s 1975 Ph.D. thesis, is a fitting tribute to his impressive career.«Dr. Evan Rodriguez, Journal of the History of Philosophy 2019, 549