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Moreno Yánez

Religiones aborígenes en Andinoamérica Ecuatorial

Academia,  2018, 339 Seiten, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-89665-766-4

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The book aims to analyze the cultural mutations of man from his initial stages of hunter-gatherer, to the constitution of homo religiosus. For six thousand years, the region called ÑEquatorial Andean Americaì (now Ecuador) was occupied by agro-pottery societies which have manifested the sacredness of the mystery of plant life parallel to human fertility. Along with the cult of ancestors and natural phenomena the use of Ñsacred plantsì within shamanistic rites has been important, which has lasted and is perceptible in the resurgence of a cosmic religiosity.

»must-read for understanding indigenous culture in Ecuador... it was pleasure to read.«
Dr. Racher Corr, Anthropos 2019, 624