European Constitutional Law Network-Series

Edited by Prof. Dr. Ingolf Pernice

The series presents latest results of academic research carried out by leading experts in the field of European Constitutionalism.
Coordinated by its founding member Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ingolf Pernice, managing director of the Walter Hallstein-Institute for European Constitutional Law at the Humboldt-University Berlin, the European Constitutional Law Network (ECLN, gathers academics and judges from more than twenty EU-Member States and candidate countries as well as specialists from Switzerland, the USA and EU-institutions.
Bridging different national contexts and combining practical experiences with academic reflection, the main activities of the ECLN aim both at the increase of research cooperation and the establishment of a continuous multinational academic dialogue. International conferences on recent reform steps and key issues of European multilevel constitutionalism are regularly hosted by the ECLN. The outcome of this Europe-wide and transatlantic discourse is published in this series.

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