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Thimme | Chermette | Deimel

Bewegungstherapie bei psychischen Erkrankungen in der Lebensspanne

Academia,  2023, 337 Pages, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-98572-058-3

69,00 € incl. VAT
69,00 € incl. VAT
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englischMovement therapy is an indispensable tool in the multimodal treatment approach. Regardless of age, its impact on activating and strengthening physical, mental and social resources is crucial. It offers a variety of therapeutical approaches to behavioral patterns of patients and it alleviates disorder-specific symptoms.

In this anthology, experts shed light on a variety of facets regarding movement therapy for children, teens, adults and seniors. The contributions combine interesting facts and new developments in practice and academia and offer valuable impulses and suggestions on applying them for different diagnosis groups and treatment settings.

With contributions by

Anna Katharina Alexandridis | Jannis Alexandridis | Stav ­Bar-Hod | Chloé Chermette | Hubertus Deimel | Nadja ­Greßler | Andreas Hauert | Gerd Hölter |Christine Joisten | Pia Lellmann | Stephan Niggehoff | Max Oberste-Frielinghaus | Georg Schick | Sibylle Schreckling | Britta Seiffer | Marc Schulze Tenberge | Thomas Studnitz | Christina Terán | Ansgar Thiel | Till Thimme | Sebastian Wolf | Heidrun Lioba Wunram | Johanna-Marie Zeibig

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