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Deutschen Comenius-Gesellschaft | Fritsch | Lischewski | Voigt


Band 30 | 2022
Academia,  2022, 220 Pages

ISBN 978-3-98572-071-2

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The work is part of the series Comenius-Jahrbuch (Volume 30)
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englischThis volume assembles contributions from the twelfth Bohemicum Dresdense in 2021. Under the title "Jan Amos Komenský - Johann Amos Comenius: Czech and International", that conference is dedicated to Comenius' approach to language. Comenius dealt with language from the perspective of his relationship to his Czech homeland and as a means of communicating the world knowledge and world improvement he was striving for. The following themes are addressed: Metaphor formation in the context of the history of ideas; reception in literature and more recent editions; Comenius between language tradition and new planned languages; relation to today's didactics. A look at new Comenius literature and a review section are also provided.

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