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Socrates and the Socratic Philosophies

Selected Papers from SOCRATICA IV

Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Claudia Marsico

Academia,  2022, 427 Pages

ISBN 978-3-98572-004-0

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The work is part of the series International Socrates Studies (Volume 2)
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englischHow to face the Socratic riddle? This book offers some clues to address the problem of Socrates and the Socratic philosophies from different perspectives that include the problem of Socrates and the Socratic environment, Plato’s Socrates, the Socratic lines, with special attention to Antisthenes, the Megarics, the Cyrenaics, Xenophon and Aeschines, and the Socratic reception in important ancient authors.


With contributions by

William Altman, Fiorenza Bevilacqua, Esteban Bieda, Aldo Brancacci, Michele Corradi, Dino De Santis, Mariana Gardella, Stefania Giombini, Noreen Humble, Marta Jimenez, Dayvis Deniz Machín, Silvio Marino, Claudia Marsico, Joel Martínez, Stephano Mecci, David Murphy, Francesca Pentassuglio, Mario Regali, François Renaud, Livio Rossetti, Romina Simón, Nicholas Smith, Lucas Soares, Pilar Spangenberg, Alessandro Stavru, Francisco Villar, Matthew Watton and Vladimir Zuckerman.

a volume that showcases the broad and exciting range of Socratic scholarship
Alex Lee, Socrates and the Socratic philosophies. Selected papers from Socratica IV, Academia Verlag 2022, in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2022.11.41.
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