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Die Darstellung des Islams in den Medien

Sprache, Bilder, Suggestionen
Eine Auswahl von Techniken und Beispielen
Ergon,  2., aktualisierte und vollständig überarbeitete Auflage, 2023, 342 Pages

ISBN 978-3-95650-886-8

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The work is part of the series Bibliotheca Academica – Orientalistik (Volume 10)
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englisch„What we know about the world, we know it through media coverage. What Niklas Luhman wrote in 1996 ist still valid in times of scoial media. If a subject is mentioned, how it is framed, influences our perception. We shouldn’t underestimate media’s responsibility in shaping our idea of the world. Especially, because of the fact, that you can lie, while only referring to facts – just omitting the most relevant ones. This book contains the means, methods and material to deconstruct the media image of Islam and Muslims.

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