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Die Rezeption der aristotelischen Poetik in Avicennas Buch der Genesung der Seele (Kitāb aš-Šifāʾ)

Dichtungstheorie als Teil eines philosophischen Wissenschaftssystems
Ergon,  2023, 273 Pages

ISBN 978-3-95650-975-9

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englischThe work offers a re-evaluation of Avicenna's commentary on Aristotle's Poetics and opens up interpretive scope for Classicists, Arabists, and philosophers alike by focusing on the question of how Avicenna situated the commentary within his own philosophical system. The work takes its starting point, in Aristotelian terminology, with what is 'prior in relation to us' and concludes with what is 'prior by nature'. In the first step, the commentary itself and the source Avicenna had at his disposal are translated into German and arranged synoptically. The work is then confronted with research results on the Poetics and finally philosophically contextualized.

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