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Die Zufallshaftung im Bürgerlichen Recht

Eine dogmatische Abgrenzung zur Haftung für zufällig eintretende Schäden
Ergon,  2020, 236 Pages

ISBN 978-3-95650-648-2

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The work is part of the series Würzburger rechtswissenschaftliche Schriften (Volume 110)
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englischWhy should a person be liable for circumstances that are beyond his control? The work by Alexander Seitz focuses on this question.

Starting from an introduction to the concept of chance and the dogmatic foundations of the principle of fault, he analyses the provisions of this form of liability in the German Civil Code. This analysis reveals the diversity of this form of liability. The author examines the dogmatic differences between the liability for Acts of God and the liability for random damages in the context of the principles of causality and fault. Furthermore, the author assesses the effectiveness of the establishment of a liability for Acts of God as an instrument of the legislator to control behaviour.

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