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Discrimination and Tolerance in the Middle East

Proceedings of the conference on Discrimination and Tolerance in the Middle East organized by the Lebanese American University (LAU) and the Orient Institut Beirut (OIB) on May 2-4, 2007

Herausgegeben von Ray Jabre Mouawad, In Zusammenarbeit mit Kristiaan Aercke, Vahid Behmardi

Ergon,  2012, 124 Pages

ISBN 978-3-89913-899-3

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The work is part of the series Beiruter Texte und Studien (BTS) (Volume 128)
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Patterns of discrimination and tolerance in the Middle East are discussed in this volume by scholars from various fields such as history, literature, philosophy, educational studies, cultural studies, psychology, and women’s studies. It is the editors’ intention to stimulate also local debates on these critical issues. The principal themes of the contributions include race and migration, religious (in-)tolerance, gender relations, cultural differences or convergent traditions. Whereas the region is enjoying new leeway due to the emergence of the media, especially social media, discourses on cultural diversity remain an issue that needs our support.