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Verantwortung für Geschichte

Essay zu einem Phänomen bei Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Ergon,  2023, ca. 100 Pages

ISBN 978-3-95650-765-6

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The work is part of the series Studien zur Anthropologie und Kulturphilosophie (Volume 4)
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Published May 2023 (available for reservation)
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englischHistory as a perspective of the bodily subject takes leave of the illusion of absolute truth and total sense. The consequences of action cannot be planned. All the more it is the responsibility of the agent to consciously and deliberately grasp meaning and to create meaning.

Merleau-Ponty does not focus on the course of history, but on its essence. A phenomenology of historicity is essentially the process of the bodily subject.

Dr. Annika Hand analyzes Merleau-Ponty's notes, to be published by Michel Dalissier, "Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Inédits (1946-1950)", Memesis 2021/22. She is currently working on her habilitation on the edges of consciousness in a likewise phenomenological approach.

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