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Bußgeldrechtliche Sanktionierung juristischer Personen im neuen Marktmissbrauchsrecht

Eine Darstellung am Beispiel von Insiderhandel und Marktmanipulation
Nomos,  2021, 479 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-8017-4

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The work is part of the series Deutsches, Europäisches und Vergleichendes Wirtschaftsrecht (Volume 128)
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englischThe main cause of the financial market crisis was the lack of effective and deterrent sanctions for market abuse and the inadequate enforcement of these sanctions. The European legislator has addressed this shortcoming by massively tightening sanctions – especially fines against legal persons.


The thesis examines new legal issues that arise in particular from the increasing regulatory density at the European level. The central object of investigation is the tension between the need for deterrent sanctions and the preservation of the principle of proportionality as well as other constitutional principles at the level of the individual company as well as the level of the corporate group.

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