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Co-Offending im Rahmen vorsätzlicher Tötungsdelikte

Eine Analyse der Tatplanung, Tatausführung und der Kommunikation im Tatvorfeld bei gemeinschaftlich begangenen Tötungsdelikten
Nomos,  2023, 248 Pages

ISBN 978-3-7560-0464-5

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The work is part of the series Sicherheit. Polizeiwissenschaft und Sicherheitsforschung im Kontext (Volume 14)
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englischThe phenomenon of co-offending has been well researched since the beginning of the last century at the latest. It is known from existing studies that so-called co-offending occurs especially in the case of property offences and that juvenile offenders make up the largest proportion of offenders that act in concert. Due to these circumstances, research has focused on these main areas for a long time. There are fewer findings on the field of violent crimes, however, especially homicides. In the opinion of various authors, a cross-crime analysis in this respect makes little sense because the differences between the crimes are too great. This study examines the phenomenon of jointly committed intentional homicides (attempted or completed) and differentiates between offences committed by groups and pairs. The offences are considered in their entirety, which means that both the pre-offence phase and the offence and post-offence phases are the subject of the study. In this way, the study aims to contribute to a better understanding of jointly committed homicides.

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