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Cooperation Mechanisms within the Administrative Framework of European Financial Supervision

Nomos,  2019, 243 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-5552-3

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The work is part of the series Schriften zum Finanzrecht und Währungsrecht (Volume 10)
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englischIn response to the European financial crisis, the European Union and its Member States have implemented administrative cooperation mechanisms in the field of European financial supervision to ensure the uniform and coherent application of European supervisory law within the European Union’s composite administration bodies. On the basis of three quintessential areas of supervisory law, namely the acquisition of information, and preventive and corrective supervisory measures, this book analyses the mechanisms created with regard to their legally binding character and the possibility of them influencing European and EU Member States’ supervisory authorities. Furthermore, its author identifies the structures of effective cooperation mechanisms in multilevel administrative systems. The study thus contributes to the systematisation and a better understanding of European multilevel governance and identifies important parameters for reorganising administrative cooperation in European supervisory law in the future.

»a welcome book on the EU financial supervisory framework. It is useful as both an academic research companion and, especially, a companion for the regulator of financial lawyer who is confronted daily with the intricacies and obscurities of the EU financial supervisory framework.«
Dr. Ebbe Rogge, LLM., CMLR 2020, 1435