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Das Kind im Umgangsverfahren

Kindeswohl und Kindeswille als Maßstab des familiengerichtlichen Umgangsverfahrens
Nomos,  2023, 429 Pages

ISBN 978-3-7560-0454-6

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The work is part of the series Interdisziplinäre Studien zu Mediation und Konfliktmanagement (Volume 8)
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englischThe best interests of children are the central criterion in child access proceedings and therefore guide the actions of family courts. Nevertheless, there is no specific definition of the best interests of the child in such proceedings; the relationship between the best interests and the will of the child is also unclear. In this book, the author examines this problem and develops her own definition of the best interests of the child in access proceedings. Based on this, the roles of the professional parties involved in the proceedings and their power to act, both of which are anchored in legislation, are examined with the aim of optimising the solution to the access dispute in a way that is in the best interests of the child. The book explores the potential for improvement in terms of legislation and legal practice and makes concrete proposals for action.

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