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Der Wert von Arbeit

Vergütungskonzepte in neuen Formen der Arbeitsorganisation
Nomos,  2022, 133 Pages

ISBN 978-3-98542-007-0

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The work is part of the series Schriftenreihe Arbeitsmarkt und betriebliche Personalpolitik (Volume 4)
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englischTransformation challenges represent a profound change in production and the organisation of work. The rules and principles of collective bargaining, company performance and pay systems are constantly coming under new pressure because they appear unsuitable for a flexible and agile world of work. Triggered by the change of activities and the changing demands of employees, new concepts of remuneration are being developed and tested. ‘The Value of Work’ discusses ideas related to 'new pay' and the potential of collectively agreed regulations in modern forms of work organisation.

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