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Die Konzerttätigkeit der Königlichen musikalischen Kapelle zu Dresden, Teil II (1858–1918)

Eine Dokumentation in zwei Bänden
Tectum,  2 Bände, 2022, 1178 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8288-4626-5

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The work is part of the series Dresdner Schriften zur Musik (Volume 14)
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englischAs a continuation of the first part on the concert history of the Königliche musikalische Kapelle Dresden published in 2018, the second part documents the orchestra's concert activities between 1858 and 1918, which were shaped - together with outstanding artists at the individual stands - by conductors such as Rietz, Wüllner, Schuch and Reiner. In two volumes, some 800 programmes and 500 participants in the subscription concerts, founded by Royal Chamber Musicians themselves, and many other concerts are recorded, and aspects of music-making, artistic developments and events, audience reactions, internal procedures, venues, numerous press quotations, file material and band documents are evaluated.

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