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Böllinger | Mildner | Vierke

Diversity Gains

Stepping Stones and Pitfalls
Nomos,  2020, 234 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-6874-5

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englischDiversity is gaining in visibility, acceptance and creativity, but also in contradictions and complexity. In this book, the authors discuss experiences, analysis, practices and policies from Europe, USA and Africa in essays, articles and a poem. The contributions range from social differentiation within the Kenyan middle class, inclusive art and education, to politics and experiences relating to disability, gender, race and sexuality. All the contributions discuss how we confront diversity and social complexity, and how we can transform ‘Diversity Gains’ into something beneficial for everyone. The authors and editors are anthropologists, scholars of art and literature, teachers, sociologists, journalists and activists from Europe, Africa and the USA.

With contributions by

Sarah Böllinger, Katharina Fink, Ann Fox, Thomas Hughes, Ras-I Mackinzeph; Carsten Mildner, Kevin Mwachiro, Dieter Neubert, Emmanuel Sackey, Florian Stoll, Ulf Vierke, Monika Windisch

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