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Drittwirkung im Unionsrecht

Die Begründung einer Horizontalwirkung allein durch Vorrang und unmittelbare Anwendbarkeit
Nomos,  2016, 151 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-3239-5

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39,00 € incl. VAT
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englischThis work develops a new theory, which relies solely on well-stablished principles of the ECJ to resolve the problem of "Drittwirkung" in European Union Law. Direct horizontal effect is typically known from regulations, but some norms of the TFEU can also have direct influential effect between private parties. This phenomenon is often declared as coming from the German concept of "Drittwirkung". Using a national idea to describe and develop a European one, often involves the danger of dragging national problems and perceptions into the Community setting. Analyzing the case law before the CEU concerning fundamental freedoms, general principles of Union Law and the provisions of the Charta of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, this work educes a new approach, only relying on well-established principles of supremacy and direct effect to constitute a direct horizontal effect.