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Einfluss des ARUG auf die Stimmrechtsvertretung bei der Aktiengesellschaft

Eine Untersuchung der Reformierung der §§ 134, 135 AktG
Nomos,  2015, 291 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-2153-5

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The work is part of the series Studien zum Handels-, Arbeits- und Wirtschaftsrecht (Volume 158)
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englischWith the implementation of the European Shareholder Rights Directive via the "ARUG" in 2009, the German legislature profoundly altered the law on stock companies, e.g. by reforming the law of proxy voting and by implementing possibilities to exercise shareholder rights via the internet.


Against this background, the book analyses the impact of the ARUG on the proxy voting at German stock companies. In this context, alterations are evaluated by comparing the former and current legal situation, taking into account, inter alia, the European requirements of the Shareholder Rights Directive.


Apart from discussing existent and new controversies, the author illustrates first practical experiences with the possibility of the virtual exercise of shareholder rights and comprehensively evaluates the altered German system of proxy voting - mainly with a positive result.