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Erfolg und Scheitern bei Betriebsratsgründungen nach Privatisierungen

Eine strukturationstheoretische Untersuchung
Nomos,  2021, 331 Pages, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-7489-2753-2

64,00 € incl. VAT
64,00 € incl. VAT
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englischWhen a director's market is transferred to a self-reliant retailer, the parties involved, for example the employer, employees or the union, should consider whether a works council needs to be established. This study examines the exact process of setting up a works council and the factors that contribute to its success or failure. The book’s analysis of the process of successful and failed works council formations focuses firstly on the chronology of triggers, corporative actors and procedures. Secondly, the study concentrates on structures, agents and their interactions, which corresponds back to structuration theory. The author analyses changes in co-determination, which is understood as a social practice, on the basis of five empirically collected cases.

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