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Conze | Geppert | Grothe | von Kieseritzky | Nagel | Scholtyseck | Seefried

Jahrbuch zur Liberalismus-Forschung

34. Jahrgang 2022
Nomos,  2022, 322 Pages

ISBN 978-3-7560-0399-0

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The work is part of the series Jahrbuch Liberalismus-Forschung (Volume 34)
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englischThe focus of this yearbook is the debate on the character and development of the German Empire. The sixteen contributions it contains, which were written on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the German Empire in 1871, assess the problems of nation-building, political models, concepts of order and processes of emancipation. What dynamics did modernisation and globalisation trigger? What opportunities, but also obstacles and contradictions did this create on the path to liberal democracy?

Other contributions deal with the international process of German unification in 1989/90, the liberal German politician Wolfgang Mischnick, and Walter Scheel as the first Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation.

With contributions by

Andreas Biefang, Carsten Burhop, Eckart Conze, Michael Dreyer, Andreas Fahrmeir, Jürgen Frölich, Tim Geiger, Dominik Geppert, Ewald Grothe, Jens Hacke, Christoph Jahr, Wolther von Kieseritzky, Dirk van Laak, Karsten Linne, Frank Lorenz Müller, Anne C. Nagel, Christoph Nonn, Ulrich Sieg and Henning Türk.

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