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Hüning | Klingner

... jenen süßen Traum träumen

Kants Friedensschrift zwischen objektiver Geltung und Utopie
Nomos,  2018, 320 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-5151-8

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The work is part of the series Staatsverständnisse (Volume 118)
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englischGiven today’s turbulent political global situation, it is obvious that Kant’s considerations on ‘perpetual peace’ are still of some relevance. However, common interpretations often overlook the fact that through these considerations Kant himself above all devised a critical legal doctrine for world peace. Thus, his theory on peace differs fundamentally from both any form of moralising effusiveness about peace as well as pragmatic theories on a well-calculated, multilateral truce. Taking into account both contemporary and current philosophical discussions, the contributions in this volume inquire into the problems and opportunities of Kant’s legal doctrine on the basis of the topics ‘War and Peace’, ‘Hospitality’, ‘Nature and History’ and ‘Politics’.

With contributions by

Henny Blomme, Oscar Cubo Ugarte, Bernd Dörflinger, Andree Hahmann, Franz Hespe, Philipp-Alexander Hirsch, Matthias Hoesch, Dieter Hüning, Stefan Klingner, Alexei N. Krouglov, Giuseppe Motta, Karoline Reinhardt, Michael Städtler and Gideon Stiening

»Philipp-Alexander Hirsch (PH) entwickelt anhand von Kants Friedensschrift sowie der Rechtslehre und in Auseinandersetzung mit in der Literatur verbreiteten Thesen auf […] überzeugende Weise seine Gegenthesen.«
Prof. Dr. Georg Geismann, Kant-Studien 2/2021, 324