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Kartellrecht in der Zeitenwende

Auf dem Weg zur 11. und 12. GWB-Novelle
Nomos,  2023, 374 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-7589-7

79,00 € incl. VAT
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79,00 € incl. VAT
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englischGerman antitrust law is facing a paradigm shift with the upcoming amendments of the German ARC. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action has presented the ambitious Competition Policy Agenda 2025 as well as a draft bill for the 11th GWB amendment (Competition Enforcement Act). Plans include abuse-independent unbundling, reform of ministerial authorisation and sustainability cooperation. In the volume, experts from academia and practice provide a brief and concise assessment of the reform plans of the BMWK laid out in the Agenda 2025. In addition, the draft for the 11th GWB amendment is commented on in detail with contributions on sector enquiry, skimming of profits and enforcement of the DMA.


With contributions by

Dr. Niklas Brüggemann; Univ.-Prof. Dr. Oliver Budzinski; Dr. Katrin Gaßner; Dr. Patrick Hauser; Dr. Christian Karbaum; Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christan Kersting, LL.M. (Yale); Alexander Kirk; Dr. Maximilian Konrad, MSc.; RiLG Dr. Gerhard Klumpe; Jun.-Prof. Dr. Juliane Mendelsohn; Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Meyer-Lindemann, M.C.J. (NYU); Philipp Offergeld; Clemens Pfeifer; Dominik Piétron; Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rupprecht Podszun; Felix Rhiel; Tristan Rohner; Dr. Frank Schlütter; Mariya Serafimova; Dr. Annika Stöhr; Paul Voges; Univ.-Prof. Dr. Florian Wagner-von Papp, LL.M. (Columbia); Johanna Welsch; Dr. Elena Wiese; Dr. Gunnar Wolf, LL.M. and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Daniel Zimmer, LL.M. (UCLA).

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