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Stocker | Birke | Brunekreeft | Weiß

Perspektiven der Netzökonomie

Beiträge zu Ehren von Günter Knieps
Nomos,  2023, 231 Pages, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-7489-3746-3

49,00 € incl. VAT
49,00 € incl. VAT
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englischGünter Knieps has significantly shaped the research field of network economics in Germany. A recurring theme in his research is the question of the right balance between competition and regulation in network sectors. Among the many scientific contributions that Günter Knieps has presented so far, one enjoys a special status: his essay ‘Phasing out Sector-Specific Regulation in Competitive Telecommunications’, which was published in August 1997 in the journal Kyklos.

The editors of this anthology have used the 25th anniversary of the publication of this essay as an occasion to honour the work of Günter Knieps as a researcher and university lecturer with a commemorative publication.

With contributions from (in order of chapters):

Franziska Birke, Gert Brunekreeft, Volker Stocker und Hans-Jörg Weiß, Johannes M. Bauer, Falk von Bornstaedt, Manfred J. Holler & Florian Rupp, Hans-Ulrich Küpper, Kay Mitusch, Friedrich Schneider, Viktor J. Vanberg, Achim Wambach, Bernhard Wieland and Patrick Zenhäusern and a foreword by Carl Christian von Weizsäcker.

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