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Recht für die Soziale Arbeit

Nomos,  2., aktualisierte Auflage, 2021, 227 Pages, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-7489-0765-7

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englischIn view of the growing importance of having solid knowledge of the law to practice social work, a range of custom-fit, specific introductory literature for practice-oriented training is more important than ever.

The second, updated edition of this book is intended to serve as a compendium for students of social work, but also to accompany their first steps into the profession. It explores important basic concepts, clarifies structures and makes contexts understandable.

This includes the defining characteristics of the system of social security in Germany and the actors and institutions that determine social work, as well as a discussion of the constitutional foundations of the welfare state and of organisations that provide social services, their legal forms of appearance and action, and their financing. Building on a basic section, it presents the legal framework conditions of central areas of activity in social work and essential legal questions related to the procedural practice of social work.

»Ein empfehlenswertes Lehrbuch zum Recht für die Soziale Arbeit Studierende der So Rezension von sozialen Arbeit und auch für bereits in der Praxis Tätige.«
Prof. Nils Volkersen, August 2021
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