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Rechtlicher Rahmen für die Power-to-Gas-Stromspeicherung

Nomos,  2017, 540 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-4267-7

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The work is part of the series Schriften zum Umweltenergierecht (Volume 25)
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englischIn the power-to-gas process, electricity is used to produce storable gases such as hydrogen or synthetic methane. The technology is therefore suitable to store electricity. However, the legal framework for the storage of electricity in general and for power-to-gas applications specifically is still largely unresolved. This work attempts at identifying the relevant legal aspects in regard to the power-to-gas process chain. This concerns the applicability of electricity price components, such as network charges, EEG- and KWKG-levies, electricity tax and concession fees to the electricity consumed, which is of special interest to the economic feasibility of the installation. Legal questions associated with the transport of the gases produced through the natural gas grid and the storage of these gases are debated, the question of whether or not the gas produced can claim the privileges of “Biogas” is disputed. Further aspects are assessed in regard to the commercialization and promotion of the regenerated electricity and to the unbundling regimen.

»uneingeschränkt positiv zu beurteilen... Wer sich mit Fragen der Stromspeicherung unter Nutzung der Power-to-Gas-Technologie befasst, ist gut beraten, die Schrift von Lietz heranzuziehen. Der Umstand, dass sie mit dem Fakultätspreis der Universität Göttingen ausgezeichnet wurde, ist ohne jede Einschränkung nachvollziehbar.«
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Büdendender, DVBl 8/2019, 489