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Rechtliches Risikomanagement im Lebensmittelrecht

Die (ordnungs-) rechtliche Steuerung sicherer Lebensmittel im Kontext verfassungs- und unionsrechtlicher Anforderungen
Nomos,  2019, 510 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-6351-1

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The work is part of the series Schriften zum Agrar-, Umwelt- und Verbraucherschutzrecht (Volume 85)
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englischNo food law can ensure that only safe food is placed on the market. Nonetheless, after every food scandal, demands are regularly made to tighten up the system on the basis of constitutional law. This study is based on a dogmatically in-depth determination of the constitutional, European Union and international legal requirements in this regard, from which the author develops the regulatory framework to which these principles obligate the entire system of food safety. Given these structural requirements and, furthermore, considering the conceptual foundations in the transition from hazard prevention to risk prevention, the study analyses the official controls and enforcement instruments through which safe food is guaranteed. The author emphasises that (European) food law in its entirety ensures effective risk management, and thus contributes significantly to objectifying the repeatedly arising and constitutionally justified demands for a tightening of the system.

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