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Warto | Zumbach | Lagodny | Astleitner

Rechtsdidaktik - Pflicht oder Kür?

1. Fachtagung Rechtsdidaktik in Österreich
Nomos,  2017, 343 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-3630-0

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The work is part of the series Schriften zur rechtswissenschaftlichen Didaktik (Volume 9)
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englischThis edited book brings together several contributions from the first conference on law education under perspective of educational sciences and jurisprudence in autumn 2014. With this conference new perspectives from an Austrian view have been opened. From a jurisprudential perspective the question arises why an established and consolidated system should be extended or revised by bringing in aspects and questions from education into the canon of law education. From a didactical perspective there is a challenge to face the specific requirements of the discipline and its corresponding epistemology. This includes above all the question how a general educational access can become a content-specific educational access. In addition to these general aspects the book also analyzes questions of curricular design, course planning and assessment.

With contributions by:

Walter Berka | Patrick Warto | Otto Lagodny | Hans Paul Prümm | Ulrike Kugler | Roland Robwein | Eva-Maria Griesbacher | Martin Griesbacher | Kai von Lewinski | Barbara Lange | Ulrike Hanke | Ann-Marie Kaulbach | Helga Wessel | Marcus W. A. Sonnberger | Andreas Wiebe | Oliver Kreutz | Hermann Astleitner | Hanna Maria Kreuzbauer | Raimund Pittl | Karin Sonnleitner | Stephanie Moser | Susanne Schmidinger | Jörg Zumbach | Jenny Wienert | Urs Kramer | Francine Uwera | Luc Heuschling

»ein wichtiger und äußerst inspirierender Sammelband, der die allzu lange brachliegende rechtswissenschaftliche Didaktik in Österreich umfassend beleben können wird.«
Prof. Dr. Werner Hauser, Neue Hochschulzeitung 2018, 82