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Rechtsfragen zum Umgang mit Baggergut

Unterbringung und Entsorgung von Gewässersedimenten
Nomos,  2015, 212 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-2413-0

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The work is part of the series Greifswalder Schriften zum Seerecht und Umweltrecht (Volume 52)
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englischThis dissertation focusses the legal questions that comes up in handling of dredged material. This subject is especially in the practice of administration of waters relevant and will be examined from the point of view of the different matters of special administrative law and their interfaces.

The chapters are each devoted to relocation, recycling and removal of dredged material as well as one chapter is devoted to contaminated dredged material. Each chapter starts the investigation with waste legislation. But the author examines one or more different legal matters, their scope of application and the relationship to each other as well. The examination of the legal term dredged material completes the paper.

With that paper takes place an intensive examination of both the challenges in daily work and the legal questions, that comes up in handling of dredged material for the first time. The author focusses on the problems of the practice. Therefore the paper is useful for practising experts in daily work as well.