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Schmidt-Preuß | Körber

Regulierung und Gemeinwohl

Vorträge auf dem Bonner Symposium der Wissenschaftlichen Vereinigung für das gesamte Regulierungsrecht am 18./19. Juni 2015
Nomos,  2016, 359 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-3227-2

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englischOn 18/19 June 2015, the second symposion of the “Academic Society for the entire Regulatory Law” took place in Bon. It dealt with ‘regulatory law and public welfare’, and under this thematic roof, distinctive (sub)goals, scopes and innovative approaches regarding net regulation were discussed and appreciated. The aim was to illuminate, beyond the leitmotif of competion, special facets and perspectives which are becoming more and more important and so far have not been publicly discussed. In the end, it was to be shown how these segments interact and whether they shed a new light on common welfare as a benchmark for bottleneck-regulation. This conference transcript contains the given presentations.

With contributions by:

Matthias Schmidt-Preuß, Andreas Fuchs, Michael Fehling, Stefan Thomas, Oliver Lepsius, Martin Burgi, Hartmut Weyer, Hubertus Gersdorf, Carl Christian von Weizsäcker, Gerrit Manssen, Martin Kment, Jörn Axel Kämmerer, Jörg Gundel, Philipp Offenbächer/Yves Steingrüber