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Riskante Rezeption

Der Vertrauens- und Risikoprozess bei Rezipierenden informationsjournalistischer Berichterstattung
Nomos,  2023, 407 Pages

ISBN 978-3-7560-0329-7

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The work is part of the series Aktuell. Studien zum Journalismus (Volume 23)
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englischFor recipients to be able to use journalistic content to form opinions and make decisions, a certain amount of trust is essential. At the same time, every act of trust involves taking risks. Therefore, this book focuses on the relationship between journalism, trust and risk. In order to examine the perception of false, incomplete, distorted and absent information from the recipient's point of view, the author chooses a multi-method approach. Thus, this study is the first to analyse potential causes and consequences of journalistic risk perception—and their implications for both journalism studies and media practice.

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