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Hansen | Husieva | Frankenthal

Russlands Angriffskrieg gegen die Ukraine

Zeitenwende für die deutsche Sicherheitspolitik
Nomos,  2023, 368 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-7543-9

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The work is part of the series ISPK-Studien zur Konfliktforschung (Volume 1)
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englischThe Russian war of aggression against Ukraine represents a turning point in German foreign and security policy, which requires a complete redefinition of Germany’s role within the future European security order. Through contributions by renowned experts, this anthology provides information on the causes of, developments in and so far foreseeable consequences of the Russian war of aggression, systematically examines Germany's policy towards Russia since 1990, provides ideas for new directions in German security policy and explains why timely policy corrections are necessary in order for Germany to be better prepared for future conflict escalations and security policy challenges.

With contributions by

Prof. Dr. Christina Binder, Kira Frankenthal, Dr. Timo Graf, Dr. Stefan Hansen, Olha Husieva, PD Dr. habil. Markus Kaim, Dr. Ronja Kempin, Dr. Sarah Kirchberger, Prof. Dr. Joachim Krause, Arthur de Liedekerke, Dr. Tobias Lindner, Angela Mehrer, Oleksiy Melnyk, Dr. Johanna Möhring, Dr. Jana Puglierin, Oberst dG Dr. Markus Reisner, Dr. Susanne Spahn, Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Dr. Maximilian Terhalle, Dr. Andreas Umland, Dr. Joris Van Bladel, Hugo von Essen and Jakob Wöllenstein.

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