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Bürkardt | Kohler | Kreuzkamp | Schmid

Smart Factory und Digitalisierung

Perspektiven aus vier europäischen Ländern und Regionen | Perspectives from Four European Countries and Regions
Nomos,  2019, 301 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-4556-2

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The work is part of the series Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik (Volume 20)
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englischIndustry 4.0 and digitalisation are current developments that are having a strong impact on the world of work and our society. However, their consequences are still relatively unclear. A look at four economically strong European countries (Germany, Italy, Sweden and Spain) shows that technological and economic developments as well as expectations are debated differently. This book is separated into four sections. Its first part provides an overview of the scope and effects of digitalisation. Its second and third parts focus on reports and results from the four countries mentioned above. These are based on expert discussions and a Delphi online survey conducted in three waves which asked questions on and developed future scenarios. The book’s final part deals with possible courses of action at the workplace and in politics. The articles this book contains are written in German or English and are complemented with summaries in German, English, Italian and Spanish.


With contributions by

Krister Andersson, Prof. Dr. Daniel Buhr, Dagmar Bürkardt, Sonia Cattaneo, Massimo Darchini, Laura Diéguez Ferrer, Bernd Dworschak, Dr. Miriam Ferrari, Dan Gabrielsson, Daniel Garrell Ballester, Karl-Ulrich Gscheidle, Anneke Ilsemann, Kent Kling, Dr. Harald Kohler, Norbert Kreuzkamp, Martin Kunzmann, Luis Lageder, Dr. Luca Lombi, Dr. Erika Mezger, Dr. Raphael Menez, Prof. Dr. Josef Schmid, Welf Schröter, Heinrich Tiemann.