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Spiel nicht mit den Schmuddelkindern?

Eine multiskalare Analyse von Effekten der sozialen Komposition auf die Bildungswahlentscheidung am Ende der Grundschulzeit
Nomos,  2022, 281 Pages

ISBN 978-3-7560-0418-8

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The work is part of the series Bildungsforschung | Educational Research (Volume 7)
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englischThis study analyses the causal effect of the social composition of differently scaled socio-spatial contexts while considering different threshold values. This is made possible by elaborate and, as far as German research in this field is concerned, unique analysis of different data sources. On the one hand, the book reveals heterogeneous effects of social composition on the probability of a child attending a higher-level secondary school, and on the other hand, the added value of its methodologically complex approach becomes clear. Its results show that social composition can be understood as a factor that induces social inequalities, which highlights the relevance of taking spatial factors into account in other research subjects as well.

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