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Staat und Zivilgesellschaft

Permanente Opposition oder konstruktives Wechselspiel?

Herausgegeben von Dr. Andreas Nix

Nomos,  2020, 249 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-6855-4

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The work is part of the series Staatsverständnisse (Volume 143)
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englischThe relationship between the state and civil society can be characterised as complex, disharmonious and dynamic. The complexity results from the historical conditions of its origin and the different ways of thinking, grasping and structuring the relationship. The relationship is disharmonious because although it can theoretically be thought of as equal, this equality, in fact, hardly exists. The relationship is dynamic because it is in a permanent state of tension between the path dependencies of the history of ideas, and therefore can and must be constantly rethought. This anthology attempts to grasp and illuminate the relationship between the state and civil society in all its complexity by paying special attention to the contextual dependence of the genesis of this complicated relationship.


With the emergence of the modern state based on sovereignty, the state entered into opposition with civil society. Modern political theory has devoted much of its energy to reflecting this antagonism and bridging the gap between the two.


With contributions by

Nelson Chacón, Julian Dörr, Christopher Gohl, Oliver Hidalgo, Heinz Kleger, Alexander Kruska, Antoine Lévy, Edwin Quiroga Molano, Andreas Nix and Michael Zantke.

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