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Gille | Jepkens

Teilhabe und Ausschlüsse im Engagement

Ergebnisse empirischer Forschungsprojekte zu formellem und informellem Engagement
Voluntaris Sonderband 2022
Nomos,  2022, 173 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-8533-9

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The work is part of the series Sonderband Voluntaris
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englischSocial inequality is also reflected in civic engagement. Who is involved and how, and whose involvement is regarded as such, is closely linked to the social position in which people find themselves. This special volume brings together findings from various research projects that deal with structural characteristics such as class and migration as well as with institutional conditions that create exclusion and participation. One focus is the exploration of informal engagement, which is often not evaluated as such. The results show that institutional logic needs to be reconsidered and adapted on the road to greater participation in engagement.


With contributions by

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Engel; Christian Funk; Prof. Dr. Christoph Gille; Malina Haßelbusch, M.A.; Prof. Dr. Emra Ilgün-Birhimeoğlu; Katja Jepkens; Dr. Andreas Kewes; Dr. Tuuli-Marja Kleiner; Dr. Thorsten Merl; Moritz Müller; Prof. Dr. Chantal Munsch; David Rüger, M.A.; Lisa Scholten; Liska Sehnert and Prof. Dr. Anne van Rießen.

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