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Krenn | Flecker | Eichmann | Papouschek

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Flexible Arbeit und Partizipationschancen in IT-Dienstleistungen und mobiler Pflege
Nomos,  2. Edition 2018, 246 Pages, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-8452-9301-1

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englischThis book, now in its second edition, centres on the question of how the working population’s opportunities for participation develop under the conditions of flexible work, project work or remote work. Its authors adopt a comparative perspective in their approach to addressing this question, which through stark contrasts offers extremely interesting insights. Using empirical research, they examine both companies that provide information technology services and those that offer mobile care services. Mobility, flexible working times and the subjectification of work play an important role in both fields, but the workers’ conditions and the way they shape and handle the aforementioned features of this kind of work vary greatly. While this study finds that the information technology sector can, generally speaking, be seen as the paradigm of a genuinely dynamic and ‘modern’ working environment, it reveals that the ostensibly much more traditional field of care work also deviates from the conventional Fordist idea of employment relationships in some respects; the only difference is that in the latter field this is not the result of recent radical changes but has been common practice for some time now.