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Wissenschaftliche und praktische Medienpolitik als politische Daueraufgabe

Umstrittene Reaktion auf die Ausdünnung des Bannwaldes der Demokratie in der Schweiz

Herausgegeben von Dr. Martina Leonarz

Nomos,  2015, 381 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-1035-5

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The work is part of the series Medienstrukturen (Volume 6)
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englischThe publication aims to highlight media policy research from different perspectives. In the first part of the book researchers discuss and reflect different research projects which have been commissioned by the Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM). The question of how politics, administration and journalism perceive these results is under discussion in the second part of the book. This is particularly crucial when it comes to research projects which were being initiated on the basis of parliamentary motions.

The third part of the book is dedicated to reflexion and transfer.

From different point of views the authors discuss the importance of media policy research; they bring up the relationship between research activities and media policy and the changes and challenges that were given by contract research.

With contributions by:

Heinz Bonfadelli, Martin Dumermuth, Hans-Jürg Fehr, Stephanie Fiechtner, Benjamin Fretwurst, René Grossenbacher, Otfried Jarren, Natascha Just, Steffen Kolb, Matthias Künzler, Michael Latzer, Martina Leonarz, Werner A. Meier, Manuel Puppis, Florian Saurwein, Corinne Schweizer, Samuel Studer, Julian Wallace, Christian Wassmer