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Bitzer | Bosbach | Brand | Burow | Ehrens | Hoffmann | John | Kedenburg | Sellig | Stiller | Henkel | Karle | Lindemann | Werner

Zeit und Sorge

Nomos,  2023, 299 Pages

ISBN 978-3-7560-0423-2

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The work is part of the series Dimensionen der Sorge (Volume 8)
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englischThe connection between time and worrying is evident in the modern understanding of worrying as a forward-looking present concern. This volume's interdisciplinary contributions furthermore emphasise other relevant relations to the past and the present in this respect, as well as in relation to non-linear conceptions of time. They show, inter alia, that the past can seem just as open as the future if it has not been fully dealt with or if no certain interpretation of the past is possible at present. The contributions’ analysis of the plurality of conceptions of time shows how they have different effects on the severity of people’s worries. This book’s research on time and worrying enables it to combine theoretical–conceptual perspectives and the development of perspectives for modern society.


With contributions by

Melanie Bitzer | Isabelle Bosbach | Laura Brand | Johannes Frederik Burow | Christian Ehrens | Anna Henkel | Mareike Sophie Hoffmann | Jana John | Carina Kammler | Isolde Karle | Olga Kedenburg | Gesa Lindemann | Cornelia Richter | Michael Schnegg | Julia Sellig | Holmer Steinfath | Lisa Stiller | Jonas vom Stein | Micha H. Werner

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