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Jamin | Stöver

Zwischen Haft und Freiheit

Bedarfe und Möglichkeiten einer guten Entlassungsvorbereitung von Drogengebrauchenden
Nomos,  2021, 227 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-8074-7

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englischThere are huge differences between custody and freedom. In the former, life is dominated by the rhythm of the "total institution of prison" (Goffman), whereas, in the latter, it remains relatively self-determined—even in the case of drug dependency. How can the transition from one to the other be organised in such a way that people who are dependent on drugs suffer the least damage? This volume provides both answers to that question and examples of good practice in this respect:

  • the requirements and strategies of drug users when they are released from prison
  • current practice in treating prisoners who use drugs
  • examples of good practice when it comes to release management (networks, counselling, etc.)
  • needs, alternatives and management from a multi-professional perspective.
  • With contributions by

    Esther Bäumler, Farschid Dehnad, Marcel Guéridon, Ulrike Häßler, Jan-Gert Hein, Daniela Jamin, Karlheinz Keppler, Thimna Klatt, Bärbel Knorr, Gero Moog, Mark Neidert, Bianca Shah, Heino Stöver, Thomas Walker und Jan Weber.

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