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Digitaler Fußabdruck und informierte Selbstbestimmung

Lauterkeit des Vertriebs von Trackingblockern und Obfuscation-Tools
Tectum,  2023, 312 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8288-4849-8

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The work is part of the series Wissenschaftliche Beiträge aus dem Tectum Verlag: Rechtswissenschaft (Volume 199)
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englischWith every website visit on the World Wide Web, consumers leave traces in the form of data. A digital footprint is created. This footprint can be captured by third parties through web tracking and be compiled into consumer profiles, which are of monetary value to companies. To defend against web tracking, tracking blockers and obfuscation tools are being distributed. Competition around consumer data has emerged, with opposing business models.

The author examines whether the distribution of tracking blockers and obfuscation tools, which serve consumers as tools to enforce informed self-determination over their digital footprint, is permissible under the rules of unfair competition law.

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